Hotărârea nr. 37 din 28.07.2020 a Comitetului Național pentru Situații de Urgență – traducere în limba engleză

În textul de mai jos aveți tradusă în limba engleza, hotărârea nr. 37 din 28.07.2020 a CNSU privind constatarea pandemiei de COVID-19 și stabilirea unor măsuri necesar a fi aplicate pentru protecția populației.




DECISION no. 37 dated 28.07.2020

on establishing measures to limit the spread of SARS-CoV-2 infections within spaces/ activities with a high risk of infection

         Being given the proposals from Decision no. 23 dated 24.07.2020, of the Group of technical-scientific support regarding the management of highly contagious diseases on the Romanian territory,

          taking into account the analysis of the risk factors regarding the management of the emergency situation generated by the SARS-CoV-2 virus on the Romanian territory on the date of 28.07.2020, performed at level of the National Centre for Intervention Coordination and Management,

        considering the daily exponential growth of the number of infected persons, mainly in certain areas or localities, that determined a permanent pressure on the capacity of management of administrative-territorial units and the sanitary system,

        in accordance with the provisions of art. 4 para. (1) letter c) and art. 81 of GEO no. 21/2004, on the National System for the Management of Emergency Situations, with the subsequent amendments and completions,

        pursuant to the provisions of art. 5 para. (2) letter (d), para. (3) letter (f) and art. 71 of Law no. 55/2020 on certain measures for the prevention and fight against the effects of COVID-19 pandemic, of art. 20 letter I) of Government Emergency Ordinance no. 21/2004 on the National System for the Management of Emergency Situations, approved with amendments and completions by Law no. 15/2005, with the subsequent amendments and completions, and art. 2 and 4 of Government Decision no. 94/2014 on the organisation, operation and members of the National Committee for Special Emergency Situations,


the National Committee for Emergency Situations adopts the present


Art. 1 (1) It is proposed the establishment of the obligation for people present in open public spaces to wear a protective mask, in certain time intervals communicated through a decision of the county committee/ the committee of the municipality of Bucharest for emergency situations, endorsed by the Public Health Directorate.

(2)The spaces and the time frames are established taking into consideration the probable increase in the number of persons present at the same time in the said spaces and time frames, generated by the performance of individual or group activities.

(3)They are excepted from the measure provided for by para. (1) the following categories of persons:

a) the persons who perform intense physical activities and/ or in soliciting conditions of work, such as high temperatures or high humidity;

b) children under the age of 5 years old.

Art. 2 (1) It is proposed the ban on the sale and consumption of food products and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in spaces specially designed for this purpose, arranged outside of the buildings where they are performed the activities of preparation, sale and consumption of food products and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, in the time frame 2300 – 0600.

(2)Besides the time frame set out in para. (1), the economic operators who carry out these activities, have the obligation to take measures to limit the number of clients to the number of seats, as well as any activities that imply the physical interaction between the clients, including dancing.

Art. 3 It is proposed the ban on the activities involving public carried out by the economic operators from the gambling field, in the time frame 2300 – 0600.

Art. 4 It is proposed the amendments of the exception from the rules of physical distancing existing at level of administered and non-administered beaches, in the meaning that the distance of less than 2 meters between people/ sunbeds is allowed solely for spouses and children accompanied by adults (parents, grand-parents).

Art.5 The present decision is communicated to all of the components of the National System for the Management of Emergency Situations, to be enforced by their managers through orders and administrative acts.





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